Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Journey

As a “neurotypical” male married to an Austic woman, I wanted to start this blog to help give others insights into the struggles and realizations that we have come to over the years together. She was not even diagnosed as being Autistic until early in her 30’s (as of the time of this posting, only a month ago) which has made life for her even harder up to this point.

This blog wouldn’t be possible without my loving wife of 4 years and her desire to educate the world on Autism and help others in neurotypical-Austistic relationships know that you’re not alone.

This blog will be written through my point of view of events that have occurred in our relationship with recounts of her own words describing her thoughts and feelings. At some point she will want to create her own blog, but since she is still learning how to focus her thoughts something as overwhelming as organizing her own blog is difficult at this point in time. So until then, please feel free to direct any questions to either of us and we will both be happy to answer them or write a blog post on any topics you want discussed.

Thank you for joining us!



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