Finding my best friend led to many more dates, time hanging out playing video games, one thing led to another, and I was asking her father for permission to marry her.

When I asked him for his permission, he only asked me one question in return.

“So why do you want to marry Emily?”

What a weird question. Who wouldn’t want to marry this girl. My response to him was a recount of when I first knew I was in love with this girl.

We had met for dinner and afterwards just sat talking outside when suddenly her attention was drawn elsewhere and she stood up and left towards a Harris Teeter entrance. There was a man there asking people for money to buy food. Having always been iffy of people begging for money I figured she would not approach him either just in case he wasn’t safe. We didn’t know him and it was dark, right? No, she went right up to him, asked him what he needed. He replied that his family is hungry and doesn’t have any food at home. She didn’t take a second thought and told the man to go pick out what he needed from the grocery store and she would purchase it for him. This girl who didn’t make a lot of money was using it for someone else. She got him things from basic disposables to food for the week for him and his family and with a simple “God bless you” as we left she had won my heart.

That story made him smile as it does every time I replay it in my head. I had his permission.

About a month later with the help of my dog snickers I proposed to her in the house we bought together and are still in now.

I didn’t know much of anything about Autism or other mental disorders at the time. She still needed her extended rest (usually between 8 and 12 hours a day) because if she didn’t she would have more “migraines”. Even on our wedding day (which is overwhelming for anyone) as the night rolled on she became increasingly anxious and tired and just said she was getting a bad headache.

I told her I wanted to help her in any way I could, so going on that knowledge we started to see doctors to try and help her with this condition.


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